Characterization of the flood hazard through the SCS-CN method and evaluation of the urban vulnerability in the sub-catchment of the wadi El-Harrach (in the centre of the Algerian capital, Algiers) with the use of remote sensing and GIS

The risk of flooding in Algeria is part of the ten major risks present on the territory, it is in second position after earthquakes and geological risks in the national classification of major risks. The present communication aims at the realization of a risk mapping, using a hydrological modeling to calculate the hydrological response through the SCS-CN method for calculation of losses (infiltration) and direct runoff.

The results of this study show that the increase in the flow of the El Harrach wadi can cause significant damage, by raising the water level.

RICHE Abdelkader


Geohazards, Risk And Vulnerability: Following The Case Studies Of Mitigation And Management


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